Alright, Ive been meaning to write this post since I first bought these Golden Goose sneakers a couple of months ago. First, lets go out of the way: I bought them -worth the money ?. As much as I believe in investing in good quality shoes and handbags, I couldnt bring myself to spend $500 on a associated with sneakers. 

So, I suppose Ive already answered a part of my question 

But, lets return to the basics. If youve never regarding Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers, theyre Italian sneakers that are pre-distressed. Much like distressed denim, the thinking is that itll take a long time to get that perfectly distressed sneaker, and by then theyll be spent. So, theyve done the attempt for you. 

When I first saw them, I wasnt a huge fan. I mean, theyre cute, however didnt get the hype. Then, I kept seeing them over and at least. And they started to grow on me. More than anything, I to be able to get to the bottom of the whole Golden Goose sneakers mania. 

When Barneys was having a huge sale, I took it as a sign and ordered most important pair that caught my eye. Of course, they were pink. My exact pair is sold out, but what follows is a very similar pair thats also for sale. 

OK. lets break it down 

You dont be concerned about them getting dirty because, well, theyre already beat up and dirty. 

The leather is amazing quality and they'll last forever. 

Theyre Italian, which totally sounds fabulous. 

They go with anything. For real, if youre in order to spend that much on sneakers, you can rest assured you can wear them with anything. Leggings, denim, a cocktail dress, a party skirt. FOR Proper. Wear them with everything. 

The outlandish price, obviously. 

Theyre very stiff, especially at to begin with. Now that Ive worn them for a amount of months, theyve softened up. But at first, they just arent that at ease. 

You need to wear socks with them, and even lots of the no-show socks will show. These should work. 

People might judge you for spending that much cash a pair of dirty shoes. 

Well, there you have it. Overall, if someone asks me if Golden Goose Sneakers are worth the insane price tag, my answer just isn't. I mean, how can sneakers be worth $500? Or even $300 for that matter? 

As with all things in life, it can be whats important you. If you love turn out to be on the cusp of whats hot and you love trends, then I'd suggest stalking simple . pair and searching them to begin sale. 

If you cherish the trend, but cant fathom spending more than $100 on sneakers, I get the program. Theres no shame in having the dupes instead. Im loving this pair and hands down this pair may be the best dupe that Ive found, and theyre less than $30. WHAT. 

Tell me: just what you think of Golden Goose shoes? Would you consider them? Allow me to know!