Well, its finally here  my fashion sneaker review and comparison! Ive been teasing this post for a while, and I finally have it ready to start. 

As always with this type of post, I always wish I had tried more styles, but as it is I compared 9 pairs of fashion sneakers ranging from $65 to $550, and these would be the results. 

First, a little back story. Essential have known, smart? I always have a information. 

Ive tried many fashion sneakers on the years and styled quite a few for the blog, but in actuality, I rarely put them on. I like the involving a fashion sneaker, but I at all times reach for some of ballet flat or loafers or flat boots with my casual places. The exception is when I wear a sweatshirt and jeans, after which I feel like sneakers are to become able. 

Lately, though, Ive been noticing a lot of the bloggers I follow for fashion inspiration trading in their booties and loafers for fashion sneakers  and wearing them with jeans and sweaters various other casual-but-not-sweatshirt-like tonneau covers. I like the juxtaposition of the athletic footwear with street clothes, and also the look keeps growing on individuals. 

My go-to sneakers for a few years have been the Converse Shoreline, and i still like them, but theyre beginning to look dated to me and my peers. 

Now, please dont get all upset and analyze you just finally bought your first pair of Converse or ask in should stop wearing yours. No, not within. Im not giving mine away just yet, and theres nothing wrong with them, but Ive been using them for several years, and Im ready for new stuff. In fact, what Im looking for is a special style entirely, and there isn't any room for both in my shoe clothes. 

What I've in thoughts are a white leather sneaker, and ideally Id select one with some metallic or black accents so theyre not quite so stark, but plain white is okay too. 

(Yes, Ive done the Adidas Superstar, and I appreciate them, although they felt heavy and clunky and never really broke in well, so I ended up passing them on to my woman.) 

The shoes that started me with this particular quest are the sneakers gracing every other post inside my Instagram feed these days  the Golden Goose. 

If you havent associated with this hot trend in elevated athletic footwear, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is definitely an Italian luxury fashion sneaker brand born in 2000 that has developed a cult following over the past 19 as well as is now one with the hottest street style trends among celebrities and fashion bloggers. 

Prices average around 500 U.S. dollars per pair, although you can find sales if youre patient. Theyre a part vintage chic, part skater sneaker, part luxury designer shoe; and something of their trademarks could be the worn-in be. Theyre basically the sneaker version of distressed premium denim. 

GGDB footwear is handmade in Italy, so the quality of materials and workmanship are bar none, and no two footwear is identical. Ive heard it said its like wearing a part of art inside your feet. Well, when place it method 

Heres the thing about me, though. I spend time to notice the latest and greatest (#justbeinghonest) but Additionally like to get a little ahead for this game. As i like the Golden Goose sneakers more the more I see them, theyre starting to obtain so ubiquitous that Im almost in the point of not wanting them anymore. Im a contrarian that way. Plus Im actually not even sure Im cool enough to pull them away from. They definitely have a young vibe, and as a 46-year-old suburban housewife, Im probably better off with a more classic look. 

All that to say, I determined to look for a fashion sneaker I like as almost as much ast the Golden Goose, but something a little more under the radar a grown up Golden Goose, if several. Im willing look at luxury brands, but Id rather not spend additional $200 on this purchase. Right option some will still think thats insane, but when you consider it really is less than half the amount of moobs of Golden Goose, I figure Im being downright frugal. Haha! 

Naturally, my hunt locate new fashion sneakers transformed into a project for the blog. Many of you were interested to see my findings, and a bit of you provided me with suggestions or made requests, so I am choosing to photograph all the sneakers Cleaning it once a and report back. 

Im comparing comfort, fit, weight, price, as well as ambiance. I obviously dont to be able to keep 9 pairs of sneakers, view it cant thoroughly test them out for longterm comfort, but I will tell you ways they feel out with the box so I wear them around residence for a minute or two. I tested them out inside the carpeted areas upstairs of course could make them in pristine condition.