Golden Goose Sneakers, Is It Worth The Money?

Golden Goose Sneakers, Is It Worth The Money?

I verrry reluctantly finally bought myself a associated with golden goose sneakers. I polled you guys several weeks ago on Instagram and asked if assume pay over $300 for them. Well, over 95% said Simply no. 

For those that are unsuspecting of who or exactly what the golden goose sneakers are, they are made by Golden Goose Delux Complete. GGDB was born in 2000 by two merging Venetian designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. 

Fast forward to now, they have one of probably the most coveted skater looking sneakers out at hand. GGDB is all about the vintage feeling and combines the West Coast skater cool with Italian cobbling excellence via SCMP. (if youre wondering the brand read more here). 

I mean I become it, they look dirty, old, and something that has completed hell and back muscles. BUT, I decided to take one for the team  and buy myself a associated with golden goose shoes. I couldnt find myself to buy the $500 pair, but I did find my pink pair on sale for under $400. 

But draft beer worth it all?! 

Well, Just maybe that is dependent on who you may ask. For me, I'm still a little shocked i actually paid that much for a worn out, and dirty looking athletic shoes. Do they look remarkable? Yes (at least in my book, Furthermore LOVE the pink glitter ones). But they are they reallllly worth it? I cant decide, due to the fact! 

Whats my take for them? 

At first, they were VERY tough. I have got down to wear them several times to verify that I can break them in, and its slooowly getting there. Reduce costs two times I wore them they hurt, like really damage. 

The inside the shoes has this cloth material that rubs on my toes wrong and does make them a bit uncomfortable. I've been wearing these barefooted, and am on the hunt efficiently corrected . thin no-show socks. Hopefully, having socks on most likely them significantly better. 

They are high-quality boots. They are made in Italy (we all know they know leather) generating out of genuine natural leather. Which is why they are stiff and want to be broken in the. Regarding size, I went with my size (6.5), as well as they do fit true to size. 

The wedge sole is  insane. I am not 100% certain if this wedge sole is every single GGDB shoe, but there is a removable wedge sole in my golden goose sneakers. It's just not uncomfortable, but its well, varying. Its like I'm wearing heels but not, really if this makes for good business. I do think the wedge sole make shoe additional snug. 

Overall, I like the golden goose sneakers. Does someone buy a few more? Maybe, but probably not. Unless I can snatch them at 50% off! I love the unique worn-in look they own. Kind of reminds me of outdated sweater you have with holes that you refuse to. 

Again, I cant say if I'm 100% sold on the shoes. Hopefully, I can change my mind and break these bad boys with regard to. If that happens, then you might even see me wearing these far more often. The plus side is because these golden goose sneakers are so incredibly worn in, I wont have to worry about getting stepped on by my kid's.